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Medical Support

Medical Support in Birmingham, Michigan

Medication Administration

It can be easy to forget to take your medication, but if you take it irregularly, it can’t work the way it’s meant to. When you choose home nursing options, our nurses will remind you to take and administer your medication at the right time. Never worry about missing a dose, or accidentally taking two doses again. Let us remember for you.

Medical Support Birmingham MI

IV Therapy

For our clients who require regular IV therapy and treatments, we offer home infusion care. Don’t worry about going to the hospital every week to get your treatment. Get treatment from your very own home. Our team of specially trained nurses are qualified to provide your treatment and will ensure that you remain calm and comfortable the whole time.

Wound Care

For those who are prone to fall or get injured, managing your wounds can be tough. You’ll need to clean the wound, dress it and change the dressing regularly to keep the wound for becoming infected. Our team of experts knows just how to care for your wounds and knows what signs to look for when infection is a risk.

Diabetic Teaching and Care

Diabetes can be overwhelming to those recently diagnosed, and hard to manage, even for the people who have been living with it for years. At Assured Home Nursing Services Inc., our expert nurses are trained in managing diabetes and its symptoms. So whether you just need to be taught how to adjust, or want us to help you manage it, we’re ready to help.

Don’t let regular medical treatments become a hassle. Now get medical attention from your home. Call Assured Home Nursing Services Inc., today and ask our expert team what we can do for you. We’re ready to serve you.