Companion Care

Companion Care Services

Assured Home Nursing offers specialized home care service that focuses on providing friendly support and help with activities of daily living (ADLs). With this type of home nursing service, your loved ones can happily age in the comfort of their home while remaining physically active and independent. The main objective of our companion care service is to stimulate the mental and physical changes that come along with aging and make it easier for the elderly to stay active by following a healthy lifestyle. Our qualified care providers not only ensure support for the elder ones but will also help in removing the stress among family members.

Benefits of Elderly Companion Care

Our Elderly Companion Care services are aimed to provide several benefits for your loved ones, such as:

Support for ADLs: With companion care, it is simpler for the elderly to manage their daily living activities such as managing household chores, having assistance for walking, sitting, standing, etc.

Help during transportation: Our caregivers help older adults schedule their doctor appointments and provide transportation to those appointments. Additionally, our caregivers provide misc errands such as grocery shopping, hair appointments, picking up medications, etc.

Assistance in Meal Preparation: It is essential for seniors to follow a healthy diet plan. As they age, they may lose interest in preparing nutritious food. However, these challenges can be eliminated with our caregivers. Your loved ones will get help in preparing and consuming nutritious food.

Help them to stay active: With our companion care services, elder ones can get support and encouragement to stay active. Our caregivers help your loved ones engage in physical activities that will help them to stay healthy and safe.

Light Housekeeping: Our caregivers provide light housekeeping such as, laundry, changing bed linens, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning kitchen and bathroom after each use, etc.

Lending a Helping Hand to the People you Love

Our companion care services are a great way to help elder ones to stay healthy and safe while fulfilling every requirement. If you are searching for the best companion care for your loved ones, then feel free to reach us.

Caregivers of Assured Home Nursing are compassionate and always ready to care for your loved ones. To know more, contact us @ (248) 593-8134

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of companion care?

Companion care benefits the emotional and mental wellbeing of the seniors. 

How is companion care different from personal care?

Personal care focuses on providing assistance to the physical movements while companion care also takes care of emotional as well as mental wellbeing. 

When should I consider companion care?

When your loved one has emotional and mental issues, probable chances of staying in isolation, if they need personal attention and affection, to provide more comfort and when you want peace of mind for yourself, companion care is the best option to consider. 

What kind of services do you provide in companion care?

Our caregivers provide friendly support and help with activities of daily living (ADLs) and transportation, encourage them to stay active and give emotional support when needed. 

How do companion caregivers handle emergency situations?

We have a special supportive mechanism to handle emergencies. Our caregivers follow the resources and checklist provided to act in time and seek external help if required. 

Is meal preparation and housekeeping covered as part of companion care?

Assured Home Nursing companion care services cover meal preparation, housekeeping and more to help your loved ones stay healthy in their homes. 

What ADLs and IADLs you cover in companion care services?

ADLs such as managing household chores, providing assistance in walking, sitting, standing, and IADLs such as help in transportation, indulging in social activities, finances and so on. 

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