Medical Home Care

Medical Home Care Services for Seniors

Aging is not so easy! As a person ages, several changes happen, and it becomes more challenging for the elder ones to respond especially when they are diagnosed with chronic health conditions such as Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, Stroke and Paralysis, Chronic respiratory diseases, Cancer, etc. In such cases, there is a huge need for dedicated help, mainly for medication. Proper guidance will help individuals to take medications safely and accurately.

Assured Home Nursing is happy to be the supportive hand for many families. Through this service, our caregivers constantly monitor your loved one’s activities and ensure they are getting the proper treatment or medication at the right moment. Our caregiving team follows several health strategies to ensure your loved ones receive the right medication at the right moment.

How our Medical Home Care help your loved ones?

IV Therapy and Treatments: We understand how difficult it is for the elderly to go to the hospital regularly for treatment and IV therapy. With our home infusion care, administered by our specially trained and qualified nurses, clients can get IV therapy and treatments in their very own home.

Medication Management and Administration: Often people tend to forget to take medicines on time and that may have a negative impact on their health. Our caregivers will ensure that medications are given in a timely manner.

Wound Care: Aging individuals and people affected with chronic health problems are prone to fall or get injured. They need professional wound care assistance and this can be achieved through our medical care services. Our nursing care experts clean the wound, dress it and change the dressing regularly to prevent infections and complications.

Diabetes Health Teaching: Diabetes can be overwhelming to those recently diagnosed and hard to manage, even for the people who have been living with it for years. There is a need for having support from professional nursing teams to treat people with diabetes. We are happy to state that our caregivers are trained in managing diabetes and its symptoms, and they can be a great help for administering medicines.

How Medical home care services at Assured Home Nursing work?

At Assured Home Nursing, clients will receive customized care plans. Based on the client’s requirements, our internal nursing team considers multiple factors before scheduling the right caregiver.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included under medical home care services?  

Medical care services at Assured Home Nursing would include IV therapy and treatments, medication management and administration, wound care, and diabetes care support from experienced nursing teams. 

Why is having medical home care services important?  

Medical care services are important because they provide dedicated assistance and accurate care to people who have chronic health conditions such as; diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, paralysis, chronic respiratory diseases, cancer, and so on. The assistance of experienced and trained nurses helps to prevent infections and other complications.  

How do medical home care services at Assured Home Nursing work?   

Assured Home Nursing has qualified nurses that can provide IV therapy and treatments to clients under home infusion care. Our medical care services also include professional wound care and diabetes care support. Apart from that, our nursing staff ensure that medications are taken safely, correctly, and on time.  

What is the difference between home care services and medical care services? 

Assured Home Nursing’s home care services assist seniors with ADLs, IADLs, meal preparation, and other activities. Medical care services provide customized care to help seniors with chronic diseases, trauma patients, and others manage their conditions effectively.  

Is wound care covered in medical home care services?  

Assured Home Nursing’s medical care services does include wound care. To prevent infections and complications, our nursing care experts clean, dress, and change the dressing on a regular basis.  

How to contact Assured Home Nursing for medical home care services for seniors? 

Contact us by calling (248) 593-8134, or Email us at 

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