Senior In Home Care in South Lyon, MI

Planning to provide senior loved ones with in-home care in South Lyon, MI? South Lyon is one of the most happening and best places to raise a family in Michigan. According to Census 2022 data, the city estimates 11,827 population. Among which, the senior population make a significant contribution, i.e. 17.4%. This demographic shift is consistently making the government and other senior care providers plan facilities that help seniors live healthily and happily.

Considering caring for seniors in their own homes gives them the comfort and happiness they need, Assured Home Nursing emerged in 1999. Since then, we are proud that we are serving the community as the leading senior in-home care provider in South Lyon, MI. If you’re looking to give your senior loved ones a comfortable and fulfilling aging journey, give us a call today. We will create a personalized care plan that ensures they thrive while maintaining their independence in the place they call home.

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Supporting your Loved Ones Every Step of the Day

Aging is inevitable, but it can still be fulfilling and enjoyable with the right companion by side. Our caregivers are dedicated to making this a reality for seniors. Each care plan is meticulously crafted based on a deep understanding of the individual, ensuring they lead a life they can truly relish. Living with chronic conditions is part of aging, but what truly matters is managing them effectively and finding happiness in every moment. Let us help your aging loved ones achieve this.
Our elderly care services are available in and around Michigan, so give us a call at (248) 593-8134 and let us provide the support your loved ones deserve.

Senior in Home Care Services in South Lyon , MI

Memory Care Services 

Medical Care Services 

Companion Care Services

Personal Care Services 

24 Hour Home Care

Specialized Elderly Home Care Services

Alzeimer's Care


Dementia Care


Cardiovascular Disease Care

Cardiovascular Disease

Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease 

Diabetes Care

Diabetes Care 

Stroke and Paralysis Care

Stroke and Paralysis 

Senior In Home Care Services at Assured Home Nursing are available in South Lyon and also in other Cities of Michigan

If planning to opt our senior in home care services for your elderly family members, Reach Us Today!

Looking for more information? Call us at (248) 593-8134 and we are always ready to help you! 

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