Specialized Elderly Home Care in Michigan

In Home Nursing Care

Our greatest strength is our experience as RNs in creating individualized In Home Nursing Care plans. We always strive to help your loved ones by providing the appropriate care and support in the comfort of their home. Along with our in home nursing care plans, we do offer disease-specific in home nursing care plans. With these specialized elderly care plans, we would like to be the perfect fit irrespective of your loved one’s disease.

Alzheimer’s Care

This Specialized Alzheimer’s Care plan is a way to help elder ones gain the confidence to do things independently. Our caregivers will make aging a beautiful journey by helping them in daily activities, engaging in puzzles, fun activities, etc.

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Dementia Care

By having our dementia caregiver, your loved ones will have a companion who can help from daily activities of living to personal care. Our caregivers analyze your loved ones’ health and then tailor programs according to the need. We ensure to provide consistent care for early-stage, mid-stage, or late-stage dementia.

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Cardiovascular Disease Care

Cardiovascular disease is predominantly seen in men and women during their transition. The disease brings several changes as it progresses. However, the good news is that with our caregiver’s effective therapy options, your loved ones will have greater chances to reduce the impact of the disease. Click here to know more

Parkinson’s Disease Care

Parkinson’s Disease is a stage-wise progressive disease that gradually leads to difficulty in walking, balancing, and managing daily tasks. During the initial days, our caregivers help your loved ones in every activity. Later on, we provide enough support through which your loved one can perform things on their own. Also, for our client’s quality of life, we do perform therapies and give healthy diet advice. Click here to know more

Diabetes Care

With our diabetes caregiver’s support, your loved one can get the best care that helps them to feel better from head to toe. Some of our caregiver’s checklists for managing diabetes include prioritizing oral hygiene, paying attention to skin wounds, monitoring blood sugar levels, advising a balanced diet, etc. Click here to know more

Stroke and Paralysis Care

Paralysis is one of the stroke disabilities where your loved one will seek difficulty in muscle movement. For this medical condition, our caregivers strive to provide the best care with proper preparation and management. Also, with our paralysis care service, your loved ones will get constant help to cope up with the issues that arise due to paralyzes, such as mobility and cognitive disorders. Click here to know more

Along with these disease-specific care plans, we do offer home nursing services for several other diseases such as Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS), Congestive Heart Failure, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, and Traumatic Brain Injury.

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