How Safe Ambulation and Transfer Services Benefit Seniors?

Is your loved one returning home after a longer period of hospitalization? After a long period of hospitalization, the body system of a patient generally tends to slow down. It is extremely important for patients to opt for Safe Ambulation and Transfer services to get back home and meet their mobility needs.  

Ambulation and Transfer is an important home nursing service to care for patients. After getting discharged from the hospital, patients require assistance in learning the techniques to transfer themselves from bed to wheelchair. With proper techniques and usage of safety devices, patients get assistance to move and walk through this service. This helps them to enhance their blood flow and speed up the healing process. 

Many family members tend to provide ambulation and transfer services for their loved ones by themselves. But it is not always the correct way. Yes, to provide transfer or ambulation services for your loved ones, it is extremely important to hire a skilled caregiver who has the complete knowledge to transfer or ambulate seniors for a variety of mobility needs. With professional caregiver support, your loved ones can get the assistance to walk, to maintain their balance, to move around and to transfer from a bed to a wheelchair.  

What is Ambulation and Transfer mean? 

Ambulation with assistance means helping an individual to stand or walk with the help of some special devices or with someone’s support such as private duty aides. Ambulation is especially needed for people who have been hospitalized for surgery or due to a fall or a chronic health condition.  

Transfer means to help patients to move from one location to another. This service is always performed by healthcare providers and professional caregivers. Assured Home Nursing’s experienced caregivers are knowledgeable to provide the best transfer support without causing any injury to the patient.  

Why is safe ambulation and transfer services important post-hospitalization? 

Ambulation and transfer are crucial services needed for people who are facing issues with mobility. After surgery or chronic health condition, patients generally tend to adopt sedentary behavior. Sedentary behaviors are not good for healthy living. If they are left immobile, then this may lead to the development of gas pain, constipation, blood clots, pneumonia and weakness.  

Inactivity among patients and elder adults reduces strength, muscle mass and oxygen levels in the blood. If this continues further it becomes more difficult and painful for the patients to move. Thus, to overcome all these difficulties, it is vital to include safe ambulation and transfer services for patients of all ages.  

What are the benefits with ambulation and transfer services?


With ambulation and transfer services, patients can receive the best physical and mental benefits.  

Stimulates Blood Circulation: Ambulation and transfer services can reduce the development of stroke-causing blood clots in your loved ones. 

Improves flexibility: By adapting to these services, seniors can enhance their balance, increase their joint flexibility and improve their body posture. 

Assures faster healing: Opting for these personal care services immediately after hospitalization can help the patients in building strength and muscle tone. This eventually leads to improvement of oxygen delivery into the blood tissues.  

Prevents constipation: With this service, patients can enhance the movement of their abdominal muscles. This gradually helps in stimulating the intestinal tract and therefore prevents constipation.

Prevents urinary infections: With improved mobility, it is simpler for your loved ones to lower down the risk of hospitalizations due to urinary tract infections (UTIs). Transfers, walking, and moving from one place to another have shown good results to reduce the impact of UTIs.  

Prevents pressure ulcers: Pressure ulcers, also known as bedsores are formed when the skin and soft tissues are pressured against hard surfaces such as beds or chairs. With caregiver support to assist transfers, your loved ones can reduce the impact of these bedsores.  

Enhances Self-esteem: Mobility is one of the biggest challenges for seniors and patients. When they receive the support and companion care to stay steady on their feet, they become more confident. This improves their self-esteem and longevity.  

How Assured Home Nursing can help? 

At Assured Home Nursing, every private duty aide is well-trained for providing a range of home nursing services including ambulation and transfers. They have good experience in the use of transfer assistance devices, such as gait belts. With our expert team’s proper assistance, we are sure your loved ones will minimize the chances of getting injured and stay safe in their very own home.  

We understand how mobility plays a crucial role, especially after hospitalization. With our caregiver’s techniques, best practices and experience with tools management, your loved ones can recover faster by maintaining good health.  

Our caregivers include several activities to benefit your loved one’s body movements. These ultimately help them in overcoming mobility issues and thereby enhance their self-esteem by promoting independence.  

One of the most important benefits of having our caregivers is their dedication to assist your loved ones by becoming companions. Let caregivers of Assured Home Nursing serve your loved ones. Reach us today for your free consultation.  

For more information about our home nursing services, please call us at (248) 593-8134.

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