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Whenever there is need for care, there is a caregiver to make a difference

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We are looking for compassionate caregivers with professional experience as RNs, CNAs, Personal Care Assistants or similar positions. Join us for a rewarding career and explore several career benefits. Alongside, it will be a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of aging seniors.

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Caregiver Jobs FAQs

Caregiving is a career with purpose. If you want to know more about the company, job responsibilities, benefits, etc., acknowledge the below link.

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Caregiver Testimonials

"One of the best companies I’ve worked with. They are caring & kind. They care about the clients and staff members. A very pleasant company to be a part of ."


"I absolutely love working for Assured Nursing. Management is nice and the communication is great. I’ve loved working with every client so far."

-Mariah Moore

" I’ve had the pleasure to be employed with Assured Home Nursing for over a year. I’ve been in field since 2001 accumulating years of management experience and Assured Home Nursing is definitely one of the best companies I’ve had the honor of working for. They have treated me very good as an employee during such a crazy times that we are living in a world pandemic they always provided us with the PPE we needed to safety provide care to our patients. They pay us time 1/2 for holidays such as Juneteenth and Mothers Day that other companies usually wouldn’t consider a holiday. It’s my experience that any time I’ve had an issue the office is quick to resolve or make honest effort to resolve any problems that might arise in a case. The staff in the office are kind caring and understanding you don’t often get these qualities in a management team. I can honestly say I feel appreciated and believe Assured Nursing is not only dedicated to providing supreme care for our patients but also takes the time and efforts to create an amazing work environment for the employees that service our patients. If you are considering a company to care for your loved one Assured Home Nursing is definitely highly recommended. If you are looking for promising employment I encourage you to consider Assured Home Nursing as your choice of employers I’m confident you wouldn’t be disappointed."

-Christi Dear

“I am very grateful for my employment with assured home health. It has been a pleasure being added to this work family. Easy to work for, flexible with schedules, easy access paychecks, friendly courteous staff. I have been working a little over a year with minimal, to no complaints. I would highly recommend working for this company. They do care deeply Bout their clients and employees.”

-Lisa Poli

"I work for Assured Home Nursing since 1999. I love their flexible schedule & they always give me great clients. They listen when I have a problem & help me solve bothersome situations. They are understanding, helpful & provides good feedback when there’s an issue about a case. They respond on time during calls or texts whenever a question arises. Staff is friendly & kind never condescending nor hesitant to offer suggestions when needed.💕👍"

-Lourdes C. D’Onofrio

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