6 Best Ways for Preventing Falls in the Elderly

Did you know that every second an older adult aged 65 and above is suffering from a fall in the United States? Falls are considered to be one of the major causes of injury and injury death in the senior population.

Senior falls can result in broken bones, head injuries, hip fractures and other traumatic injuries. Even if your loved ones don’t suffer from major injuries during a fall, they can still suffer from depression and/or fear and this, in turn, can affect their quality of life. Falls can create a host of problems for seniors; however, the good news is that we can prevent falls in the elderly by creating a safe living space.  

What are the common factors leading to a fall?  

If you are having a grandparent or aging parent in your life, it is essential to build a safe environment by understanding their possible risks to fall.   

Vision: When a person ages, less light reaches their Retina which in turn causes difficulty seeing obstacles.  This increases the possibility for them to fall due to tripping hazards and contrasting edges. 

Medications: It is common for elderly persons to have an increase in prescriptions as they age.  Many medications cause side effects including dizziness and dehydration which in turn causes more falls. 

Chronic Conditions: Aging comes with increased chances to develop chronic conditions such as; heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis.  All of these conditions as well as others can increase a person’s risk of falling. 

Balance and gait: Aging leads to a decrease in flexibility, coordination and balance.  All of these can increase the likelihood of a major fall. 

What are the best ways for preventing falls in seniors at home? 

6 Best Ways to Prevent Falls in Seniors

1. Clean up clutter: 

Keep the home and surroundings clean and tidy. Removing items such as papers, toys, or anything that is especially on the stairs and hallways can help in preventing elderly falls at home.  

2. Remove tripping hazards:

Home fixtures can sometimes contribute to elderly falls. Always remove slippery throw rugs, loose carpets, floorboards, and other tripping hazards.  

3. Keep rooms brightly lit: 

Insufficient lighting is a major fall hazard. Install brighter light bulbs wherever it is essential like hallways and stairwells. Adding nightlights near bathrooms and bedrooms is also recommended for fall prevention in seniors 

4. Move slowly: 

Getting up too fast or moving quickly can result in a drop in blood pressure. The best way to avoid this is by moving slowly when lying or standing.  

5. Get Regular Exercise:

While aging, it is important to take care of overall health and stay active. Plan for regular exercise that is right for each individual. This will help loved ones stay stronger and improve their muscle functionality and flexibility. 

6. Use assistive device if needed:

When the use of a cane or walker is suggested by their doctor, make sure it is the right size with the best functionality. This will help them to walk more safely.  If needed, consider providing caregiver’s support, so that they are always under the guidance of experts.  

Your loved ones are very special and taking care of them is a very important responsibility. You are able to ensure their safety when you are with them, but it is much more difficult to make sure they are safe when you can’t be there. At Assured Home Nursing, we can provide peace of mind by providing in-home care services for your loved ones when you can’t be there. 

Assured Home Nursing is one of the best home nursing service providers in the community. With our professional in-home care services, your loved ones can age in the comfort of their own homes. By opting for our services, we can keep your loved ones safe and in turn assure they maintain a quality life. Our caregivers follow every care strategy to protect and prevent falls in the elderly 

Whether you need companion care or personal care, our private duty aides are always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call our office today at (248) 593-8134 and our nurses will come to your home and provide a free consultation.  

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