24 Hour In Home Care

24 Hour In Home Care Services

Our 24 Home In Home Care Services is specifically designed for seniors who have higher care requirements. Aging adults and people suffering from chronic diseases often depend on others for help. Chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, etc., decrease their ability to do things alone. Family members often try to be the best companions but due to time constraints and busy work schedules, caring for the people they love may become hurdlesome at times.

Assured Home Nursing is always ready to support. Our caregivers will provide high-quality care to meet the unique needs of your loved ones with our 24 hour in home care services.

To know more about how caregivers support our clients, feel free to reach us or call at (248) 593-8134

Benefits of 24 Hour In Home Care for Elders

One-on-One Care: It is a specialized home nursing care service where your loved ones receive one-on-one assistance. This service is beneficial for individuals suffering from chronic diseases that require constant care.

Live in a Familiar Environment: Home is always the best place for anyone! Home is where one can feel comfortable and confident. With our 24 Hour in Home Care services, families need not plan for nursing home or assisted-living options. We are here to bring our care services right to the comfort of your home. With our one-on-one nursing care service, your loved ones will receive a caregiver who will support them in every activity and ensure they are safe at home.

How do our 24/7 In-Home Care services help your loved ones?

With our 24 hour In Home Care services, families can customize the care plans based on the requirement and have our caregivers support day and night.

24 Hour In Home Care services are the best choice for individuals recovering from treatment or for people suffering from chronic diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Here are the top reasons why our caregivers are the best:

  • Elders can age in the comfort of their home
  • Caregivers provide support in all activities of daily living. By doing so, this can help increase your loved ones longevity
  • Enhance the mental and physical health of loved ones by involving them in puzzles, small physical activities, etc.
  • Full attention from our caregivers will prevent your loved ones from falls and injuries
  • Ensure peace of mind for clients and family members

How to reach us?

Assured Home Nursing Services Inc., is a leading 24 hour in home care service provider in and around Birmingham, MI. We offer a range of home care plans such as companion care, personal care, 24 hour in home care, etc. Our caregivers have been a supporting hand for many people in several ways. We assist our clients in meal preparation, transportation, light housekeeping, reminding medicines, bathing, dressing, and more.

To learn more about our 24 hours and 7 days a week in-home care service, reach us today or call (248) 593-8134

Frequently Asked Questions

Who requires 24 hour home care service? 

Seniors who need attentive care around the clock at home require 24 hour home care service. People who are suffering from chronic health conditions such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s and so on are candidates for 24 hour home care. 

What kind of activities/ADLs are supported under 24 hour home care?   

Assured Home Nursing 24 hour home care covers the following ADLs. 

  • Meal preparation 
  • Help in memorizing important dates and events 
  • Support in dressing, grooming, and bathing 
  • Assisting in doctor visits 
  • Extending the ability to live independently in their home, etc. 
    What IADLS are covered in 24 hour home care?

    Our caregivers take care of basic ADLs and IADLs like eating, bathing or showering, grooming, walking, dressing, transportation and toileting. 

    Is meal preparation and housekeeping covered as part of 24 hour home care service? 

    Meal preparation and housekeeping are covered in 24 hour home care. 

    Is transportation assistance covered as part of the 24 hour home care service?

    We help loved ones in commuting to different places such as clinics to attend medical appointments, shopping, etc.  

    How many caregivers will be part of the 24 hour home care service?  

    Your loved one gets 24X7 attention and assistance in 24 hour home care. A team of dedicated caregivers will be assigned to look after your loved one at home  both day and night. Typically a 24 hour period is divided between a daytime caregiver and a midnight caregiver.  Each caregiver will usually work 3 or 4 days/midnights. 

    Do you provide 24 hour home care service to memory loss patients?

    Assured Home Nursing provides 24 hour home care services to memory loss patients. We have specialized memory care services as well. Seniors with dementia and Alzheimer’s can avail themselves of these care services for impeccable monitoring and assistance in a safe environment.  

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