Diabetes Home Care

Diabetes Home Care for Seniors

Diabetes is a health condition where an adult has to manage blood sugar and insulin levels regularly. Adopting proper healthcare practices is recommended for diabetes. If ignored, it can affect your loved one’s quality of living. Diabetic complications can be managed when your older adults have a helping hand in following a healthy lifestyle.

Our diabetes home care plans for seniors have worked efficiently for many elder ones in managing their sugar and insulin levels. Our caregivers are well-experienced and have the capability to provide hi-tech aid in improving your loved one’s health and well-being.

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What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic health condition where the body loses the ability to make use of insulin. Insulin is one of the important hormones that help in balancing glucose levels. When this hormone is not produced or used effectively, it can raise glucose levels and damage the functionality of other organs. The only way to lessen the impact of this chronic disease is by having medications and following a healthy diet.

How our Diabetes Home Care helps?

Assured Home Nursing is specialized in offering disease-specific care plans. Our caregiving teams are professional and well-trained. They can support your loved ones to regulate sugar levels, identify diabetes related-skin diseases, set up eating schedules, manage medication, and follow healthy exercises.

Our hi-tech aids can assist in taking blood sugar readings, insulin injections, diabetic wound care, etc. Diabetes is a health condition where your loved ones may develop complications such as foot damage, kidney damage, eye damage, heart-related diseases, nerve damage, etc. Our caregivers help in identifying and preventing these complications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the diabetes home care plan of Assured Home Nursing?

Our hi-tech aids are experts in providing care for diabetic patients. They help your loved ones to control their blood sugar levels with the right eating schedules and healthy diet. The caregivers encourage seniors with diabetes to do exercises and take prescribed medications regularly. Also, our hi-tech aids can assist in taking blood sugar readings, insulin injections, diabetic wound care, and monitoring diabetes related-skin diseases, etc. 

How home care helps seniors control their diabetes?

Home care provides an excellent option for seniors with diabetes as it lets them live independently as well as providing peace for their family members. Medication management, mobility assistance, monitoring blood glucose, meal preparation, specified diet plan, and improved quality of life help the seniors control their diabetes. 

How educated are your caregivers about diabetes?

Our caregivers know how to help seniors maintain blood sugar levels with proper diet, physical activity, and eating schedules. Our hi-tech aids are experts in taking blood sugar readings, administering insulin injections and are also knowledgeable about diabetic wound care.

What precautions do you take to guard diabetic seniors from infections or injuries?

Ear, nose, and throat infections, urinary tract infections, and skin infections are common among seniors with diabetes. Our caregivers ensure that your loved one’s blood sugar levels are in control with regular exercise, a healthy diet, routine blood sugar testing, and good personal hygiene. They also make sure that the seniors’ footwear is soft, socks are clean, feet are wound free, and are vaccinated against the flu and other illnesses. 

Does a diabetic care plan cover the comorbidities as well? And will it cost extra?

We have specialized and customized care plans and they can cover the comorbidities as well. The cost will depend on each individual’s care requirements but not disease specific. 

How do you encourage seniors with diabetes to indulge in physical activities?

Our caregivers motivate the seniors to take baby steps initially by giving an activity they enjoy the most. Giving them small targets to achieve, the caregivers give them a simple exercise routine.  Gradually they instill the habit of exercising by showing them the blood sugar levels difference before and after exercise.  

What are the payment options for diabetes home care?

We accept all the payment options mentioned below: 

  • Private Pay (Check, VISA/MC/ACH),  
  • Long Term Care Insurance, Workers’  
  • Compensation, Auto Insurance,  
  • Reverse Mortgage,  
  • Veteran’s Benefits,  
  • Private Trust 
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