Stroke & Paralysis Care

Stroke and Paralysis Care

Do you know there are several health issues that occur without our notice? Stroke is one of the medical emergency conditions that occur within seconds and changes the way of life for both survivors and family members. After a stroke, older adults may succumb to various disabilities; paralysis is one of the common disabilities affecting the movement of muscles.

Recovering from stroke paralysis is possible when there is proper support and the right care. Our stroke and paralysis care plan gives an abundant amount of support for family members in their loved one’s recovery. Our caregivers assist in taking medication and practicing stroke recovering exercises to enable the muscles in regaining their movement.

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What is Stroke Paralysis?

A stroke, also known as a cerebrovascular accident, is a medical emergency that occurs when the blood supply to the brain is either reduced or interrupted. Stroke paralysis is a disability of stroke where the exchange of instructions between the muscles and brain is affected. It is a health condition caused because of a blocked artery or by damage to the brain or spinal cord.



Care for the People you Love

After a stroke, your loved one may see several changes in their body. Along with physical changes, they may even develop cognitive and mobility issues. Assured Home Nursing feels proud to be a supporting hand for your loved ones to overcome from depression and anxiety.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of services do you provide in Stroke and Paralysis Care?

Assured Home Nursing caregivers help with physical therapy exercises, that have been approved by a Physical therapist, and provide all the support to improve the stroke patient’s mobility.  They can also give emotional support to overcome their depression and anxiety apart from regular assistance and care. 

How do caregivers support paralyzed seniors to overcome their mobility issues?

Our caregivers encourage physical activity to improve mobility, strength and balance. They also give regular massages or help them perform simple stretching exercises to overcome mobility issues among paralyzed patients. 

Will you provide free consultation for stroke and paralysis care? 

Yes, we provide free consultation not only for stroke and paralysis but also for every other care service. Call us @ (248) 593-8134 to book a free consultation. 

How do caregivers take care of seizures in stroke patients?

All our caregivers are knowledgeable about handling emergencies such as seizures. They ensure that the loved one with seizures is not hurt by taking all the precautionary measures while shaking and jerking continue. Once the seizures slow down, our caregivers make sure their breathing is normal. 

Are your caregivers specialized or trained in stroke and paralysis care?

All our caregivers are experienced and trained to take care of the medical conditions of the seniors including stroke and paralysis care. Training caregivers is a continuous process at Assured Home Nursing. We provide the knowledge and resources to handle all kinds of emergency situations while caring for the elderly. 

How do you take care of a bedridden paralyzed patient?

Massage and therapeutic activities are needed for the bedridden patient to relax their muscles and also strengthen them by increasing the blood flow. Our caregivers maintain the hygiene of the bedridden paralyzed patient by frequently changing their clothes and bed sheets. Also, they thoroughly clean the patient’s entire body in regular intervals with a towel or sponge to avoid infections. 

Is meal preparation and housekeeping covered as part of stroke and paralysis care?

Meal preparation and housekeeping are a part of Assured Home Nursing’s stroke and paralysis care. 

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