Alzheimer’s Home Care

Alzheimer’s Home Care For Seniors

As per 2021 records, 1 in 9 Americans aged more than 65 are diagnosed with Alzheimers. It is a health condition where the affected individuals can have problems with memory loss, difficulty in speaking, recognition issues, thinking issues, etc. Though it is a progressive disease, earlier identification and dedicated care can help to minimize the progress of the disease.

Assured Home Nursing is a leader in providing Alzheimer’s home care and disease-specific care options. With the Alzheimer’s home care option, your loved ones can get the complete care package in the comfort of their home.

What is Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimers is one of the types of Dementia where a person loses the ability to think, memorize and do things alone. It is a health condition where the brain cells decline and affect the functionality of the brain. The presence of tangles and plaques inside and around the neurons declines the brain cells. Thus, it becomes difficult for the brain to pass information to different parts of the body and this eventually leads to the need for 24 hours care.

Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimers Disease

The common signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s are:

  • Memory loss
  • Recognition issues
  • Difficulty in speaking, writing, and reading
  • Changes in behavior and personality
  • Difficulty in reasoning and judgment, etc.

Assured Home Nursing’s Alzheimers Care

Assured Home Nursing care aims to make difference in the lives of such people with home nursing services! Our trained Alzheimers caregivers help clients in every activity by giving them the confidence to do things independently. They become companions and strive to perform activities that can stimulate their minds and enhance their health condition. We try to come up with puzzles (word puzzles), show photo albums of their family members, perform fun activities, etc., to engage them and help them understand that they are important.

We are happy that we have helped many of our clients to age in the comfort of their homes. Consider choosing Alzheimers care plan from Assured Home Nursing to help your loved one’s age safely. Reach us today or call at (248) 593-8134 to seek help from our memory care professionals.

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