10 Senior Health Tips to Ensure a Happy Holiday

The holiday season is all about spending a great time with family and friends, enjoying great food, and creating memories. Although the season can be joyous for most of us, many seniors may find the holiday season confusing, hectic, and even depressing based on their health conditions.

The season tends to carry several changes to daily routines and these shifts can make seniors stressed out too. However, the good news is that we can help and support our loved ones in overcoming these conditions by following some helpful tips.

Here are 10 Best Senior Health Tips to Ensure Happy Holidays for your loved ones.

Senior Health Tips for happy holidays

1. Make healthy food choices: 

During the Holidays we tend to eat many rich meals and lots of unhealthy snacks. Over-consumption of sugary, salty, fried, fatty, and processed foods can affect the existing health conditions of your loved ones. It is a good idea to plan for healthy foods with healthy cooking options such as including unsaturated fats, sugar-free sweeteners, etc.

2. Follow exercises:

The holiday season changes a lot of our daily routines. With several things in mind, exercise and physical activity become lower on our priority list. Exercising is very important to keep our seniors active. It also can reduce the stress and tension and help with burning the extra calories your loved one is consuming this holiday season.

3. Take breaks:

During the holiday season, many seniors like to travel, go to parties, and to go shopping. This may make their days and nights busier.  Make sure they are getting rest and taking breaks whenever possible. Grabbing a short nap or listening to music can help them to stay relaxed.

4. Stay hydrated: 

Staying hydrated is essential throughout winter to help our senior’s body work properly. Hydration helps them to feel more energized, boosts their immune system, and increases their ability to fight exhaustion. It can also help them to stay healthier and active in all the planned holiday festivities.

5. Stick to a sleep schedule:

The holiday season is undoubtedly a stressful time of the year that often makes us skip some of our essential needs such as sleep. Though it is fun spending time catching up with our friends and relatives, ignoring sleep can harm our senior’s health. Lack of sleep can affect memory, communication, and overall health. Help them to stick to a healthy sleep schedule as much as possible.

Senior Health Tips for happy holidays

6. Prevent Falls:

Snow, ice, and sleet are common during the holiday season. Going out for an event during these weather conditions can increase the risk of falling among the elderly.  Make sure your loved one has the right mobility aids that can help them walk. This will help them stay protected and prevent falls.

7. Set medication reminders:

Holidays bring multiple distractions and these may affect your senior’s medication cycle. Medications are important to help your loved one stay healthy. Don’t let the multiple distractions of the holiday season disrupt medical care. Set calendar reminders and use pill boxes and alarms to give the right medication on time.

8. Limit Alcohol:

It is not just food that can affect the health of your loved one, alcohol can also affect your elder one’s health. Help them to enjoy their favorite beverage by being mindful of their alcohol consumption. Alcohol can lead to liver, brain, stomach, and heart complications. Having control and limit on the intake will help them to stay healthy this holiday season.

9. Increase exposure to sunlight:

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or seasonal depression is an illness that can be increased with reductions in sunlight exposure. In order to reduce this illness in your loved ones, find ways to help them participate in outdoor activities. In addition, it will also benefit them to stay protected from certain degenerative disorders and vitamin D deficiencies.

10. Prevent Infections:

The winter season makes our body prone to colds, flu, and several other illnesses. Plan to get our loved ones influenza and/or pneumonia vaccination.  Also, help them follow healthy hygiene habits such as washing hands and sanitizing surfaces.

The holiday season is a time during which we relax and enjoy ourselves but is also a time where we spend a lot of time away from our home. We understand how this can affect your older loved ones to get lost in the chaos and shuffle of family gatherings. Make sure your loved one is staying healthy and enjoying every planned holiday event by following a healthy lifestyle.

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