Senior Home Care in Clinton Township, MI

Clinton Township, also known as Charter Township of Clinton is located in the Macomb County of Michigan. Being a northern suburb of Metro Detroit, the township is widely known for its parks such as George George Memorial Park, Frank H.Budd Park, Heritage Park, etc. 

As of April 2020 Census, the total population in this township is 100,513 and among which, about 17.8% are people 65 years and over. This population data makes the township as the 8th most populated municipality on an overall basis. In addition, there are several areas in which this township is ranking and proving as the best senior in home care & Health care choice of living for their residents. 

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Assured Home Nursing is one of the oldest home nursing that is popularly known as Senior In Home Care in Clinton Township, MI.  Since our inception in 1999, we have been working exceptionally to help seniors to remain independent in their own homes with our senior in home care services. We understand how support and care becomes essential with aging. To rejoice and enjoy the quality of life, it is important to have support from service providers like us for a comfortable and healthy aging.  

Being an experienced senior in home care provider, we have built a team of skilled and passionate home caregivers. As a result, you can easily find a caregiver who can exactly match the needs of your loved ones. Home is the place where one can find security, comfort and positive feeling. This is the reason; we are for your loved ones. Our caregiver’s personalized support assures a greater degree of care and meets the needs of seniors and families. 

If you wish to get started with our senior in home care services today, call us at (248) 593-8134 for your free consultation. Our RNs who are available round-the-clock will reach you to develop a care plan. 

Home Care Services in Clinton Township, MI

Memory Care Services

Medical Care Services

Companion Care Services

Personal Care Services

24 Hour Home Care

Specialized Elderly Home Care Services

Alzeimer's Care


Dementia Care


Cardiovascular Disease Care

Cardiovascular Disease

Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease

Diabetes Care


Stroke and Paralysis Care

Stroke and Paralysis

Senior in Home Care Services at Assured Home Nursing are available in Clinton Township and also in other Cities of Michigan

If planning to opt our Senior in home care services for your elderly family members, Reach Us Today!

Looking for more information? Call us at (248) 593-8134 and we are always ready to help you! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which senior in home care agency is the closest to where I live in Clinton Township?

Assured Home Nursing 

Which agency in Clinton Township offers the most affordable senior in home care services?

Home care agencies charge based on the individual’s care needs. However, Assured Home Nursing provides the best care at reasonable rates, and many of our clients in Clinton Township are pleased to receive services that are worth every penny. 

Is there a home care agency that provides Diabetes Care in Clinton Township?

Assured Home Nursing specializes in offering disease-specific care plans. Our professional and well-trained caregivers assist your loved ones in regulating sugar levels, identifying diabetes-related skin diseases, establishing eating schedules, managing medication, and engaging in healthy activities. 

Where can I look for in home care services in Clinton Township for my loved ones suffering from anxiety?

Assured Home Nursing has experience dealing with anxious patients. Our caregivers use scientifically proven methods to reduce seniors’ anxiety. They encourage them to maintain an exercise or yoga routine and ensure that prescribed medications are taken on a consistent basis. Many clients who have taken our services are happy with the outcome among their loved ones living in Clinton Township. 

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