Senior In Home Care in West Bloomfield, MI

West Bloomfield Township is a Charter Township in the Oakland County of Michigan. It is popularly referred to as the most expensive place to live in Oakland County and is also known as the “Lake Township of Oakland County” due to the presence of small and medium-sized lakes such as Cass Lake, Orchand Lake, Pine Lake, etc.  

As of the census of 2020, the total population in this city is 65,888 and about 22.2% of this total are seniors aged above 65 years. Aging adults and families can spend a quality time enjoying various scenic places in this city. From adventurous parks to museums, there are ample number of places for the residents to enjoy. In addition, this place is home to many in senior in home care providers, which will enable seniors to age in their own homes peacefully.  

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Assured Home Nursing is among the oldest Senior In home care in West Bloomfield, MI. From companion care to 24 hour care, we have been serving significantly for people in need since our establishment in 1999. We understand how the process of becoming older makes it difficult in managing things. Senior in home care services can be the best way to cope up from such situations and manage the daily routine. This is the reason we are aiming to help as many seniors as possible with our home nursing services. 

One must understand that care for an elderly person is a long-term requirement. Many families ignore this crucial step and try to support them by own. But, when your loved one experiences changes in health conditions or falls down, the needs and responsibilities go higher. Although there are several options such as nursing homes, adult day care, etc., home nursing services play a significant role 

At Assured Home Nursing, every care plan is managed by two Registered Nurses (RNs). With an aim to promote healthy living of people in need, we have made our services available from 4 to 24 hours and 7 days a week. By choosing us, your loved ones can receive the best one-on-one care to lead a joyous and independent life.  

Reach us today to help your loved ones with our caregiving services. Call us at (248) 593-8134 for your Free Consultation. Our Registered Nurses (RNs), who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week will reach you soon to help! 

In-Home Care Services in West Bloomfield, MI

Senior In Home Care Services in West Bloomfield, MI

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Medical Care Services

Companion Care Services

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24 Hour In-Home Care

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Cardiovascular Disease Care

Cardiovascular Disease

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Parkinson’s Disease

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Stroke and Paralysis Care

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Senior In Home Care Services at Assured Home Nursing are available in West Bloomfield and also in other Cities of Michigan

If planning to opt our senior in home care services for your elderly family members, Reach Us Today!

Looking for more information? Call us at (248) 593-8134 and we are always ready to help you! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How your caregivers help those who need memory care services such as dementia and Parkinson’s in West Bloomfield Town?

Our caregivers assist older adults who need memory care services in West Bloomfield Town in several ways: 

  • Remember daily routines and responsibilities 
  • Memorize names and important dates 
  • Dressing, grooming, and bathing 
  • Meal Preparation 
  • Dispense medication 
  • Extend the individual’s ability to live independently in their home environment. 
Which home care agency should I trust for the best 24 Hour In-Home Care services for my loved one in West Bloomfield Town?

To be honest, there are several home care agencies that are striving to provide the best possible care to seniors in their homes. However, when it comes to expertise, resources, a professional approach, and knowledgeable caregivers, you can consider Assured Home Nursing to assist your loved one to age well in the comfort of their West Bloomfield Town homes. 

How do our 24/7 In Home Care services help our loved ones in West Bloomfield?

With our 24/7 Home Care services, families can customize the care plans based on the requirement and have our caregivers’ support day and night. The benefits include: 

  • Elders can age in the comfort of their home 
  • Support in all activities of daily living helps increase your loved one’s longevity 
  • Indulging loved ones in puzzles, small physical activities, etc enhances the mental and physical health of loved ones. 
  • Full attention from our caregivers will prevent your loved ones from falls and injuries 
  • Ensures peace of mind for clients and family members 
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